Am I a Leo or a Virgo? Aug 24th my b-day. Which is more up to date Sidereal Zodiac or Tropical astrological?

Am I a Leo or a Virgo? Aug 24th my b-day. Which is more up to date Sidereal Zodiac or Tropical astrological?
Look at the chart at the bottom of this page. A matter of one day puts me in a different Zodica sign as a Leo event though most people say August 24th birthday people are Virgos. I need a zodiac pros help and advice as to which scale is more precise and sensical and upt to date and factual. Any info would help. Thanx..;)

Answer by ♥bellaona
You would be classified as Virgo, starting from the 23rd.
but I would say you’re in the Virgo/Leo cusp 😉 you have the best of both worlds *haha*

good luck =)

Answer by cerulean28
Well, from alll the sites i have seen, they all say that august 23-sept 23 is a virgo. so you are a virgo.

Answer by It’s a BOY!!!!!
Virgo sweetie, that’s my boyfriends B-day.

Answer by thepixiepup
The sidereal zodiac takes procession of the equinoxes into account. this difference is often what scientists fuss about when they put down astrology so it is the more accurate and “up to date” measurement. The difference between the sidereal and regular or tropical zodiac increases each year, currently it is 24 degrees, almost a whole sign. On august 24 the sun is only about one degree into Virgo, so depending on the year and your location you could be a leo. Certainly using the sidereal way you are a leo. You could consult an ephmeris at a local bookstore, you could edit your info here to at least include a year, you could email me with it, or you can check any of many websites. but with it only one degree in, I would want more exact info if it were me. The fact is you are one or the other- not both.

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Please Help! Confusing and Unusual Natal Chart?
Can someone help me interpret my birth chart. I have no Air signs and only 1 water sign. Also its like i’m on the cusp of everything. Most of my planets are either entering or leaving the house or sign they’re associated with. Someone please help me figure it out a little. I have so many fire signs but i’m still fairly shy until i really warm up to someone and i’m not super social…PLEASE HELP

PS. what does the 0.00 degrees in for mars in virgo mean??

Birthday- August 22 1987 3:27 pm Tampa, Florida

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Leo29.10
MercuryVirgo 1.48
Mars Virgo 0.00
JupiterAries29.43 R
UranusSagittarius22.45 R
NeptuneCapricorn 5.25 R
PlutoScorpio 7.31
LilithLeo 0.24
Asc nodeAries 2.43

Ascendant Sagittarius17.58
III Aquarius 25.16
V Aries 29.56
Mid-heaven Virgo 29.51

Answer by GibBas
Wow, what a chart, if this really is your chart you’re very fortunate. You have what’s called a kite formation with the outlet for all your trine aspects being Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Jupiter is also your chart ruler.
(If you enter your details in astrodienst you’ll see your chart).
You probably take a lot of things for granted but with all those fire signs you’re probably always starting things but rarely finishing them.
What is strange is you have to learn to take the initiative, you can be too dependent on other people, this is shown by your North Node.
Higher education , philosophy and travel will take up a large part of your life, it’s very important to you.
You’ve been dealt a brilliant set of cards, if you keep a lid on your explosive temper you should go far. If you’re a female, beware of jealousy from other women, even women you’ve known for years can suddenly turn on you. If you’re a male, the women in your life can be subject to violent mood swings, just like yourself.
Good luck.

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