Do you really believe in your horoscopes?

Do you really believe in your horoscopes?
I really don’t.
I don’t understand how people can think the date of their birth and their star sign runs there life and determines if they‘re going to be sucessful in a relationship or work
Only asking this as I’ve seen a few people describing themselves on questions like”what do you think of me” and mention their star sign XS
I mean yeah horoscopes are fun to read but I don’t believe them. What do you think of horoscopes/star signs?

Answer by The truth

Answer by iluvu81994
yeah i kinda do
i mean i dont center my life around it but it kinda helps
sometimes it even turns out rihgt!!
and u know the compatibility stuff? its true because im a leo and my bff is an aries..

Answer by ModernDay Outcast
No way, horoscopes merely a study of the stars right, how the hell can that determine what events will take place in my life, especially when the same event will affect millions of other people, no I don’t, they are fun to read though.

Answer by Magical Purple Sock :)
Horoscopes, no.
Astrology, yes.

Answer by Devu Joshi
Sure I do. It is a Devin science and it can make a man perfect and person with foreseeing.

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Do you believe in astrology and horoscopes?
I don’t believe in horoscopes too much, but they’re still fun. I sort of believe in astrology as in personality characteristics for geminis, capricorns, taurus as well as compatibilities.

Do you believe in these signs? Or do you just talk about them for fun?

Answer by Filip E
I’m pretty certain it isn’t true. For instance, horoscopes are based on very vague assertions of what will happen; in fact so vague as to that you can pick from a wide range of interpretations, and then unconsciously act in favor of the happening of the ”foreseen” event. All astrology is based on similar foul tactics.

Answer by Melissa
I am curious. I think they r fun and interesting and occasionally accurate but I do not believe them or in them

Answer by yeng14:)
for me, i don’t but i’m just making them as my fond of reading them.:)

Answer by Lola :)
I believe in them, I think it’s very interesting.

Answer by Sexy Warrior Princess

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5 Responses to Do you really believe in your horoscopes?

  1. Pample M March 18, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    I don’t believe they are true because you could simply apply it to anyones life..

  2. Sara March 18, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

    It is scientifically proven that Moon is body water, Mars is a blood, Jupiter is a fats n luck, Sun is a soul, Mercury is a tongue – speech, Venus is sex seed, Saturn is a bone, Uranus is a Urinary, Neptune is a Pineal glands, Pluto is a nerves, Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Aquarius & Pisces controls 1 skull n brain 2 throat 3 shoulder 4 ovaries 5 spinal cord n heart 6 spleen n stomach 7 waist n sex 8 nose n urethra 9 hips pelvis 10 teeth 11 shins n legs 12 toes godly relations respectively and treatments or surgery has a lesser success rates if performed in an adverse situation (Mismatching timing day date and person who is getting or giving treatment) in electional astrology. I believe it 100% and more, yes news paper predictions are in general but at individual level it works beyond imagination. I keep meeting Astrologers by every two months for planning guidance and in search who I am , and I am going on correction direction or not. They shape me and gave me lot so far.

  3. DS March 18, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    Some years ago I was skeptical about the whole fortune telling arena. However, as I learned about the ancient vedas, it occurred to me that time is cyclic and not linear in nature. Ancient thinkers of India have said that similar astrological patterns repeat over time. This is the only reason or basis for predictions.

    Predictions are indicative of the time that is yet to come and therefore the events. The study of astrology involves a great deal of astronomy.

    People often ascribe positive or negative influences to planets. For example, the ‘sade sati’ period is associated with the influence of Saturn and is feared by many. Now, one might ask Saturn is up in the sky following its path. So how come he troubles the human beings? Again the answer to this would be, it is not the planets that cause any trouble or is the time, which repeats itself. The positions of stars and planets are the indicators of time.

    Now as I am learning more and more of Jyotish, I am amazed at the predictability of human nature and world at large.

  4. tmsix March 18, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    yep, your whole life is already mapped out by the stars, sadly anything you do in life or try to do is fruitless because the stars have already decided your whole destiny. just sit back and let your life be lived by astrologers because you cannot change it.

    alternatively, here is a crazy idea. how about you make the most of your life, go for whatever you want to do with 100% lust for life, never give up, life is too short to sit around waiting for some numb-skull astrologer to tell you how good it will be.

  5. ChainLightninGâ…ś March 18, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    If astrology is true, why is belief a requirement. It should stand on it’s own evidence not blind belief. Which type astrology of astrology is the real one? There are so many horoscopes on the web and in print, if you look hard enough, you will find a “fit”.

    Exactly how is it “fun”? Making up false stereotypes is fun? Is making racist and sexist stereotypes for fun okay? Astrology is a bigoted concept, just like racism and sexism. No one has control over when they are born.

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