How can I calculate what are the dominant planets in the birth chart?

How can I calculate what are the dominant planets in the birth chart?
What information do I need and where do I calculate this? Does anyone have a link? And what does it actually mean to have one planet dominant in your birth chart?

Btw. I’m…
Sun aquarius
asc scorpio
moon capricorn
venus aries
mars aries
jupiter aquarius
saturn scorpio
uranus sagittarius
neptune capricorn
pluto scorpio


Answer by CuriositySatisfaction
try these

Answer by The Flying Spaghetti Monster
GO here-

Click on ” Free Horoscopes” in the upper middle of the webpage.

From there, visit the link that says, “Extended Chart Selection” in the right hand column at the bottom.

Under the link that states ‘Methods’ visit “Pullen Astrology”

At some point in time you will need to enter your birth informaiton.

After you go into Pullen Astrology, under the chart types, select “Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen”

It will give you a pretty lengthy reading, as well as the percentages of dominant planets, signs and modalites.

Hopefully, you can find your way there…

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birth chart

birth chart

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