How many astrological signs (sun, moon, etc.) are you meant to know?

How many astrological signs (sun, moon, etc.) are you meant to know?
There is the sun sign, everybody knows that one. Then there is a moon sign, and I think venus and mars sign or something like that too.
Also, the Chinese have animals for years, the Celts have something else, the Indians have vedic astrology and I think there’s more. Is it just the same thing in different ways?

Answer by aspicco
In a sense, yes…

I think all psychic/spiritual methods and techniques tap into the same thing, using different ways.

And BTW, astrology has all the planets involved.

Answer by miranda
The most important ones for those who follow astrology are the sun sign (your true self, your basic nature), the rising sign (your personality or face you show to the world), and your moon sign (your emotional self). What you mostly know in acquaintances is their rising sign. And the moon sign is who you are when nobody is looking, your emotions, the heart of you. Your sun self is how you are in the world, your way of being in the world.

It’s good to read all three predictions in reading horoscopes, it will give you a more complete perspective. You can find your chart and all the signs using a free chart analysis at

I don’t follow it completely, and would never suggest to do so – it’s a guideline, knowing some of these things helps in understanding oneself. It helps you understand why you do some of the things you do. I’ve also had my Vedic chart done and reference the Chinese animals. I fit well into the Chinese astrology. It’s nice having such a complete picture seeing all the versions. In Western Astrology I’m a Leo, Libra, Scorpio – in Vedic, I’m a Cancer and in Chinese, I’m a hare. They all fit, the rabbit best of all. Do all the charts and see what info you get. And remember, you have free will, these are just general descriptions, they are not all of who you are, just a basic idea.

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astrological signs

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What’s all this stuff about “real” astrological signs?
Something about global procession, and the original signs being too old (according to the tropical zodiac). Does this prove astrology is ridiculous, or would the “real” dates be accurate?

Answer by Silver
The signs are all still the same signs, but what you might be talking about is that because of processions, one that is born a Gemini now, is actually an Aries.
I have studied astrology for many many years and what I see in the signs and the people I do charts for is that everything is fine just the way it is. The ephemeris’ that are distributed today show where the planets are- what sign they are in…the sign is that section of the sky and so is that constellation that is that sign.
There is the procession, that is true…but that is where the earth is in all this, not the other planets.
Currently we are in the Age of Pisces, each age lasts about 2,500 years (it can be as little as 1,800 years for some ages).
With the Procession, the signs of that age go backwards.
When we move out of Pisces, we will not go forward through the zodiac and be in the age of Aires- we where just there…nope, we will be in the age of Aquarius (sound familiar?)
Most astrological sources use sidereal or universal time and not the tropical.
If we where back 2,000 years and using that astrology today, then there would be differences.

Answer by Fallen Angel Aspect
4000 years ago when the Babylonians started astrology Aries was at 0 degrees on spring equinox. Today it’s somewhere around 29 degrees Pisces. We have gone through the ages of Aries and Pisces and are entering the age of Aquarius. However this doesn’t prove or disprove the validity of astrology in any way. We astrologers are well aware of procession and we are aware of the effects as well.

Personally in my practice of astrology the signs of the planets are irrelevant and confusing. The house systems aren’t much better. To me it’s all about using the correct planetary symbolism. When it is right it is always right and can be proven and it repeatable.

For example Mercury rules the voice and the mind. Jupiter is a benefic and the greater one at that. So it would make sense that if these are correct then someone with a nice voice might have this aspect. I did the chart of a lady friend of mine who has a wonderful voice. Before I did the chart I told her that I was expecting to find something extraordinary with her Mercury because she had a great voice. What I found was that she had a Jupiter conjunction and parallel Mercury. This is what we call a planetary eclipse. Unfortunately she didn’t have any fame aspects. She sang just as well as Whitney Houston or Meriah Carey, Celine Dion. These charts are public because they are so famous so I couldn’t lie about this without getting caught.

There is one school of astrology that uses sidereal zodiac instead of tropical, Vedic. Some people find that Vedic is very accurate but they are only 24 degrees behind tropical. This means they they are a newer astrology. Since the time of the Babylonians the wheel of the zodiac has changed 59 degrees.

Mayan astrology has 20 signs. One of them only lasts for 4 or 5 days depending on the leap year.

For most people astrology is provable. All they need are the right symbolism of the planets, then it becomes very apparent.

I urge you to continue with your skepticism. I love skeptics. I love to prove them wrong as well. But there is nothing quite as keen as a mind that says prove it over and over again. When I learn a new principle or astrological law I have to test it over and over. If it’s wrong even once I discard it and don’t use it any more. To me this is the only way that astrology can reach the level of a true science.

By the way, I practice Magi Astrology. And it seems that I’m the only one here in Y! Answers that does. So I get it from both sides. The skeptics, but they are easy because they attack every astrologer. And traditional astrologers that don’t agree with Magi Astrology. I challenge them all and you to test it.

Answer by Markab
The precession of the equinoxes has nothing to do with the signs. It pertains to the constellations. The Earth wobbles on its axis and this causes an apparent shift in orientation to the constellations, not the signs. If on the first day of spring, you could somehow stand on the equator and look at the Sun in relation to the fixed stars behind it, you would see the Sun at about 1 degree of the constellation Pisces. At some point in the future, if you did the same thing, you would see the 29th degree of the constellation Aquarius in back of the Sun. This is the reason for the so-called “dawning of the age of Aquarius.”

The sign of Aries (not the constellation) is measured at the point where the Sun apparently crosses the celestial equator in the East. About 4000 years ago, if you performed the above exercise on the equator, you would have seen the 29th degree of Aries behind the Sun. Then gradually every year the position of the Sun at the vernal equinox would move backwards relative to the constellation. It would go from 29 to 28 to 27 to 5 to 1 then to the 29th degree of the constellation Pisces and so on.

The problem is that there is no universally accepted boundary between the constellations, which are all of different sizes. Aries is small, Pisces is huge. In tropical astrology, none of this matters because 0 degrees of the sign Aries is always in the same place, where the ecliptic crosses the equator in the East, and all the signs are exactly 30 degrees in size. In sidereal astrology, they’ve assigned boundaries to the constellations and use them instead of the signs so it is possible to be an Aries in Tropical astrology and a Pisces in sidereal. The Sun, however is in the same place in the sky. The position is defined differently.

None of this has anything to do with the validity of astrology. Those claims are made by people who think the signs and the constellations are one and the same. As noted above, they are not, and these people obviously know nothing of the subject they condemn..

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astrological signs

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