How many types of horoscopes are there?

How many types of horoscopes are there?
I know the Chinese horoscope, but don’t know how the normal one is called. A little help please?…

Oh and how many types of horoscopes are there?

Answer by Vince M
All signs indicate a high degree of gullibility.

Answer by Hebi
There isn’t a normal one, There is a Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, a Chinese, an Indian and I don’t know any others. Surprisingly, all of them came out before they knew about each others existence. that’s why it astonishes me as to how people think its bullshit.

Greeks and the Chinese were building a amazing economy while the rest of the world was living in huts and caves.

Answer by 안디 ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
There is:
Western (normal zodiac)
Native American

Hedi@ But don’t underestimate the Mayans. They were extremely advanced too. They had the most specific calendar the world at that moment! 😀 They clearly didn’t lived in huts.

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Sorna Regai which means golden lines is about the study of horoscope, palmistry, face-reading and crystal gazing etc. that have always been an enigma. The opinion on them has been divided – while some believe in this study, the others do not. The serial ‘Sorna Regai’ is about futuristic predictions of Bhaskar Das, a research scholar in palmistry. He predicts a long life of ninety years to a convict about to be hanged in two days. Anwar, an honest and upright police officer, does not believe in Bhaskar Das’s prediction. Lingam, the younger brother of Bhaskar Das, runs his life based on his predictions. His wife, Kamalam, is pregnant. There are some others like jailor Perumal, Chettiar and his daughter Manga who believe in his predictions. The episodes leave the viewers oscillating between belief and disbelief.
How can I send my daily horoscope to my cell?
I always have my phone will me all times so it’s annoying that i have to check online to see what my horoscope there a way i can get a free text message of my horoscope sent to my phone?

Answer by stellawrenn
Try the site

I hope this helps!

Answer by maria
try to log on on psychic websites..i guess they have it there…

Answer by Piltdown Man
Ask the guards, I’m sure they’ll be ok with it.

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