How much do you believe in zodiac compatibility?

How much do you believe in zodiac compatibility?
Do you believe in that compatibility stuff and signs?

Answer by gimpalomg
On a scale of 1 to 10; about a -7

I have never been able to see how a ball of hydrogen undergoing nuclear fusion at a distance of a few million light years could possible have any effect on my life.

Answer by leogirl
yeah i believe in it.. but i can also be very supersticious about stupid things.. lol!

Answer by virendra t-Jyotish Shiromani
oh sure ,why not? it depends on astronomy.but one should ask from real astrologer.

Answer by Jessica
I’d take it with a grain of salt. It depends on the other aspects in your chart that could be work and family related and if none of those are good, it lessens the romantic compatibility.

Answer by Golden boy
It is not the be all and end all, you can get along with most people if you have tolerance, an ability to adjust and compromise. I would give someone who had a chart completely incompatible with mine a chance. In fact I would give any sign a chance.

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How Does Zodiac Compatibility work with twins?
If I am compatible through the zodiac to one twin would that mean that I am also compatible with the other twin as well?

Answer by It’s a Long Story
Omg, this is seriously like the best question ever. And honestly, I have no idea how to answer it at all.

Answer by Just a square in a social circle
yeah most likely. i mean the only thin that could be different would be the rising sign and degree. you could check out to see if the rising sign degree is significantly different to produce a different in compatibility or not.

Answer by Russell
No, not necessarily as due to the usual time interval between each child in multiple births, it’s possible that they could have different Rising Signs and Aspects to it and even different Sun and Moon signs. So they could be physically identical or not and in personality also.

Answer by SaggiMC the Teacher
with twins there are lots of different sorts,, like identical twins from same egg, and non identical twins from their own fertilised egg. Now twins born few minutes apart may well have a different moon sign and/or Ascendant sign and this is what will make the difference.

So depenind on how far apart they were born, possibly.
First you need to understand that you are NOT the sum total of your sun sign!
newspaper and magazine astrology is nothing related to the proper astrology that Astrologers use, this is just a pinch of salt entertainment sort. What they do is put each sun sign conjunct the Ascendant and read where the 10 planets fall in any one of the 12 houses. So when you have got your free chart from you will know your Ascendant sign, then if you want use this type of recreational fun, then you would look up your Ascendant sign to stand any kind of chance of having those planets in the right houses for you….

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