How to create a new horoscope matching to the bride?

How to create a new horoscope matching to the bride?
Answers expected from indian users: The girls parents are adamant on Horoscope and there is no match between bride and groom (of course we dont believe in such crap) Is there any way to create a matching horoscope to the brides horoscope? Any software for that matter. I would be a great help if anybody can answer this. Thank u

Answer by Athene
I am not Indian, and trust Western (Tropical) astrology (thus I cannot help your search for software etc that would produce reports in the Indian ‘style’).

If basic/free horoscopes are giving you the ‘wrong’ answer, I suggest you (and/or the parents) commission a professional’s report rather than compiling one yourself. That way you will more likely obtain an accurate report, with suggestions as to how to handle the ‘difficult’ aspects. Certainly Liz Greene’s includes the latter.


Answer by pandeypunit
Use any online horoscope matching software like for find out the date which matches with your future bride. Once you find a date which shows more than 22 points matching and mangal dosha matching etc. (the software will tell you all this), you can share this new birth details with the other party.
Of course, it is cheating and not something recommended.

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Why do people take horoscopes too seriously?
I seen people ask and question their relationship entirely on horoscopes. Personally it looks like complete rubbish.

Answer by Grace Brooks
haha thanks dude :)

Answer by Zi hudie
how can you go against something you don’t understand?

Answer by <3
i suggest actually looking into it before judging at first glance. it’s pretty complex. there’s a lot to it and you’ll find an astrologer (or perhaps you) will be able to analyze yourself. someone will be able to accurately break your personality down. i suggest getting your natal chart, posting it on an astrology site, and be amazed. it can help you with aspects of your life that need improved. open your mind, give it a chance.

edit: oh, and horoscopes are “rubbish”. it’s astrology people get in depth with. people who honestly believe in horoscopes are daft.

Answer by Carrie
I honestly don’t know. I like astrology, I think it’s fun. But, I’m best friends with someone I should be completely incompatible with, lol.

I like the ideas and personalities in astrology, but I’d never let it run my life.

Answer by Summer W.
It’s because a lot of people only look at their Sun sign when trying to determine who they will be compatible with, or in predicting the outcome of their love life. There is far more that goes into astrology than Sun signs.

Venus is the planet that shows one’s desires, and how one acts in love. Mars is the planet that shows anger, but also how one behaves in bed 😉 Depending on what’s in one’s 5th, 7th, and 9th houses will depend on how their relationships and marriages will go in life.

When looking at what kind of woman a man will be attracted to, you look at his Sun and Venus signs. When looking at what kind of man a woman will be attracted to, you look at her Moon and Mars signs.

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