In your experience, which female zodiac sign puts the most effort into their appearance?

In your experience, which female zodiac sign puts the most effort into their appearance?
Looking at just the zodiac signs on their own, not people, you’d think Leo women would, but come to think of it I can only think of very few Leo women who cake on makeup and spend hours on their hair. Do Virgos spend too much time on their looks because of the perfectionist thing?

Answer by Nddork=]
Aquarius. They have unique sense of style and strive to be different.

Answer by Salina ♍
Back in the day I useto quite a lot, I still do sometimes, but I dont exsactly want to look perfect I just want to look my best :)

Answer by Looney ♋ ♓ ♐
Actually now that you mention it, every Virgo girl I know DOES wear a ton of makeup and put plenty of effort into their hair and appearance. Out of all my friends, I’d have to say that my Virgo friends are the ones who spend the most time, energy, and money into their appearance and a couple have even said they’d like to get plastic surgery when they can afford it. I have a lot of Virgo girlfriends (like A LOT) and all of them are naturally beautiful but DO put on TONS of makeup and spend forever on their hair. They make me feel like a homeless dog with my mascara and ponytail! I’ve lived with two of them so I know! That’s so weird that I never made that connection before that literally all of my friends that do that are Virgos! I mean, even Jenna Marbles who is probably the coolest Virgo girl out there admits to caking on makeup!

Edit: I AM young though (18) so the girls I’m talking about are all between 16 and 26.

Answer by Stephy
Flipping Taurus girls.

Answer by Blahblahgirl
me, i’m a scorpio 😀

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What zodiac signs usually has the most attractive chicas?
I’m a pisces and mean no harm.

What’s your zodiac sign?

Answer by Pisces
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Answer by Snoo-pie♡Sasha
There’s a 8.33 periodic probability that either sign has the most attractive chicas 😉

Answer by Jeanette
Preetiest is ofcourse my bestfriend
heavy influence of Scorpio

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  1. Ny says

    I have to be near perfect befor I go out the best makeup nicest clothes perfect hair clean smooth skin.
    Fragrance smelling!
    yes it goes on

    Libra sun
    Scorpio Moon
    Venus virgo

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