My Sister Is Capricorn, What Astrological Zodiac Sign Is She Compatible With?

My Sister Is Capricorn, What Astrological Zodiac Sign Is She Compatible With?
Which Zodiac Sign Is She Compatible With?

Answer by julesrules
Taurus, Libra, Cancer, and Aquarius.

I’m a “Cap” and these are my recommendations.

Answer by Allison B.
Well since Capricorn is an Earth sign, she’s most compatible with:

Cancer(opposites attract), Taurus(Earth Sign), and Virgo(Earth Sign)

Answer by .
i think virgo, taurus and scorpio.(like earth sign or water sign)
my personal experience was virgo or cancer.

Answer by ►pisces◄ very honest & open!!!
What you’re really like…

CAPRICORN (Dec.22 – Jan.19)

Capricorns, the excessively persistent. You want to accomplish and develop into something. You possess keen intuition and normally use this quality to achieve personal independence and security. You are steady and sure-footed like your symbol the Mountain Goat.

You have an extreme capacity for hard work and great faith in your own power. You are worldly and careful, rarely asking for help or favors. You prefer to suffer through and make it on your own efforts. You can also be a slave driver as you do expect those that work for you to work just as hard as you do.

You are the grand master when it comes to the art of moderation. You are more sensitive than one might think. You need to feel appreciated in all facets of life. You are not prone to gambling and will only be generous with loved ones in a practical way. You provide what you feel are the necessities of life.

The Game of Love…

The Capricorn Female

You tend to attract weak men. You are not easy to figure out and you have a tendency to turn on and off frequently. In actuality you are the type of female who is afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. When you do find Mr. Right you will be a true blue partner with powerful emotions.

You will do anything for your lover, however he must satisfy all your needs. You like to keep busy and you take life quite seriously. You also take excellent care of yourself. You dress with class, your neat, clean and somewhat formal. You love to be complimented by the man in your life.

Who’s the Lucky Love Slave ? ……
CAPR. & ARIES: You are both far too independent to get along for any length of time
CAPR. & TAURUS: Sexually adequate and certainly a long lasting alliance
CAPR. & GEMINI: The flirtatious, fun-lovin’ Twin isn’t worthy of your dedication
CAPR. & CANCER: Lasting union. Security from you, loyalty and trust from the Crab
CAPR. & LEO: A sexually compatible, but this combination is best as a one night stand
CAPR. & VIRGO: Good mental connection, not the most sexually oriented combo
CAPR. & LIBRA: You will be mesmerized until you tire of the lazy Libran’s ways
CAPR. & SCORPIO: Not bad at all. Sexually you can dance superbly together
CAPR. & SAGITTARIUS: You are far too different in your likes and dislikes
CAPR. & CAPRICORN: Relationship lacks stimulation. Dull and dead in the bedroom
CAPR. & AQUARIUS: Better left as friendship. Uncertainty causes you to shy away
CAPR. & PISCES: The Pisces’ eagerness to please will attract and hold you

In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Capricorn and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Cancer) are as shown below.

Capricorn with Capricorn: Harmonious
Capricorn with Aquarius: Harmonious
Capricorn with Pisces: Harmonious
Capricorn with Aries: Difficult
Capricorn with Taurus: Harmonious
Capricorn with Gemini: Turbulent
Capricorn with Cancer: Difficult
Capricorn with Leo: Turbulent
Capricorn with Virgo: Harmonious
Capricorn with Libra: Difficult
Capricorn with Scorpio: Harmonious
Capricorn with Sagittarius: Harmonious

Answer by Dragula
I’m a Capricorn and i’m apparently supposed to be compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

However, i’m only compatible in a relationship with one of those signs.

Scorpio. Capricorn carries traits from Scorpio, for eg. Ambitious, possessive, loyal, humorous, unforgiving… they will understand each other. I, personally, find taurus men too dull and not interesting at all. It’s always small talk with them. I’ve never talked to many virgo men but i know that we don’t get along. Our conversations are short and pointless. Pisces men… i don’t know many. But i haven’t had a connection with those i know. And i don’t like Cancer men. I don’t know many, maybe one or two but i know that we’ve only talked once in the one and half years i’ve known him.

Avoid signs that lack commitment and loyalty. Capricorns love security, and fire and air signs are unable to provide that for Capricorn. Air signs are very free-spirited. Fire signs are enthusiastic, and sometimes Capricorn can be a little too reserved for that. Caps will show their playful side when trust is earned, but fire signs demand trust too quickly.

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zodiac signs

Description of Signs of the Zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, PIsces.
What is your zodiac sign and favorite dog breed?
1. What is your zodiac sign?

2. What is your favorite dog breed?

3. What US State do you live in?

4. Have you ever seen an Indian guy (India) – Hispanic girl relationship before? (as in a relationship where the guy is Indian (India kind) and his girlfriend or wife is Hispanic)

Answer by Dalton

Siberian Husky

New York

And I actually cant say that I have

Answer by Meteora
1. Pisces

2. Jack Russel Terrier, Pinscher, Husky

3. none, I am from Europe

4. nope

Answer by Remy
Mutts (although I really want a Saarloos Wolfhound)
Yes, actually. A friend of mine in college was from India and his girlfriend was half Spanish.

Answer by Paige.IndominantlyXSelfless
1. Sagittarius

2.German shepard

3. New Jersey =___= i need to get bac to Penn

4.Actually yeaaah in my school it mega diverse, like every kinda foreign galore 😛

Answer by x3nOn

Golden retriever

We’ll i live in California!!

I have no idea what that even means! xD

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zodiac signs

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  1. Mary says

    1. Cancer
    2. Collie or Saluki
    3. Kansas
    4. I don’t believe I have!
    -Phoebe C.

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  2. uli says


    Teacup Pomeranian she was a gift



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  3. . says

    im aries
    i like huskies
    i dont live in USA
    and ive not seen Indian with Hispanic relationship

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  4. Beth ♏ says

    1) Scorpio

    2) Samoyed

    3) None, I live in England

    4) NO. WHO CARES.

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  5. b00ty got swag says

    1. Aquarius
    2. pit bulls
    3. Florida
    4. yes i have

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  6. Venus says

    1. Libra
    2. Great Dane (very sweet dogs :)
    3. Texas BUT will be moving to Spain soon!
    4. To be honest with you, no. But I have heard of a couple (hispanic & indian) who were trying to be together but unfortunately his family didn’t approve because of the difference in religion (he was muslin/Koran and she was Catholic) and she didn’t want to conform to his religion.

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  7. Indigo Child says

    1. Leo.

    2. Yorkshire Terrier or Pomeranian. I like little dogs. They’ve got personality. [:

    3. Long Island, NY.

    4. Nope! It’s rare in my parts to see an Indian man with anyone other than an Indian woman. I think they (Indian + Hispanic) would match up fine though.

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  8. Ange says

    1. Aquarius

    2. Pomeranian

    3. New York City

    4. No.

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  9. Katie ♐ says

    1. Sagittarius
    2. I like all small dogs. But Cockapoos <3
    3. Massachusetts
    4. once,

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  10. 777~11 says

    ….lol so it’s this question again huh? …Nope, never have.

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