What are the different body types of astrological signs?

What are the different body types of astrological signs?
Meaning what are the facial, body, clothes, looks that characterize each astrological 12 signs, would be cool to know? Isn’t there a website that shows you this?

Answer by emilycarrillo0285
There aren’t many websites that focus on this area, there are noticeable attributes with each sign though, but you’d really have to pay close attention. What’s funny is that signs will find attraction to body parts ruled by their opposites. I’ve noticed this quite extensively. For example my Gemini bf is oddly attracted to the hips, thighs and buttocks (a Sagittarius trait), and Capricorn friend of mine once told me he was attracted to (the breast and stomach area–a trait belonging to Cancer); however I’m not saying that it was sexually appealing–but an oddity in itself that they couldn’t really explain.

Another example would be my Leo HR manager, I’m oddly attracted to physical stance, the back, and shoulders, which a Leo is famous for–they have a certain sexy strut if you will. And she has even admitted it to me that she likes the way I walk. I’m an aquarius, I rule the ankles, legs, and skin.

There’s a really good book that goes into good detail about it:

The Astrology Bible, by Judy Hall.

It’s seriously all the book you’ll ever need to understand astrology.

Answer by b
Well I don’t know them all but what I do know is:
Leo’s are probably one of the flashiest,they love fashion and bright colors.
Most of the Capricorns I know have dark features.Hair/eyes/clothes.
Can’t really find web sites though.

Answer by Dao A
gemini: youthful-looking

sagittarius: prominent jaws and sexy thighs

Answer by n.t.
Gemini-Green Eyes

Aquarius- Gains weight on lower body. Has very strong facial features.

Scorpios- thin, ususally tan.

Cancer- usually overweight

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What are the personalities of the chinese astrological signs?
Can you tell me the personalities of the chinese astrological signs, or give me a good site that has this info in it?

monkey-intelligent,entertaining, inventive
dog-loyal, helpful,warm-hearted

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