What aspects/placements in a person’s chart would indicate emotional problems?

What aspects/placements in a person’s chart would indicate emotional problems?
This is a serious question so no trolling please :)

Would any placements or aspects in someone’s chart indicate a tendency towards Manic Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder etc….?

Serious answers only please.

Answer by Intensified Moon
Manic depression should involve Moon/Uranus aspects. Panic and anxiety could have something to do with fear- isn’t that a Pluto thing? Schizophrenia seems like it would involve Neptune/ Mercury? Illusions and thinking?

Answer by Jilly
That stuff is genetic and can’t always be avoided.

Answer by MaskFace
Serious answer. There’s a lot of “propensity” markers, ie, markers that may indicate the possibility, or even probability of mental disorders, but there’s no hard an fast rules about whether those markers will actually manifest in the person or not to that degree. Someone may have moon square mars and only be really moody. Another will be bipolar.

I can tell you that in the declinational charts, there is some research into clusters of aspects, and that research looks promising.

There’s a book I really like: http://www.amazon.com/Signs-Mental-Illness-Astrological-Breakthrough/dp/1567183026

It’s a bit complicated for some people just starting out in astrology, but you seem pretty smart and I’m sure you can handle it.

Answer by Vasudev P
Please write complete birth details for your answer

Answer by XaviarJones
I hope you don’t have any of this because you’re perfect here :-) H ope all is well…

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What would be the characteristics of a person with this astrological chart?
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A description of even any one aspect would be nice, thank you!

Answer by Black
Dual Character.

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  1. Laura says

    I do not believe there is ways to measure that because as human beings, we are all emotional creatures and if there are episodes that would trigger emotions, it would cause all the things you had mentioned.
    for instance, if your dad were killed in car accident, you would feel devastated and started crying for non-stop and some doctor will give you medications you don’t need and possibly put you in a mental patient for “depressive episode”.

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