What astrological sign would Catherine Tramell from the movie Basic Instinct most likely be?

What astrological sign would Catherine Tramell from the movie Basic Instinct most likely be?
Sharon Stone is a Pisces, but Catherine is a character and Sharon is probably nothing like her.
I’m not asking about Sharon Stone. I know she’s a Pisces. I’m interested in what sign the character Catherine would be based on her personality in the movie and such.

Answer by SaggiMC
if you are asking about the actress then go to www.astrotheme.com where they have ALL celebs data, but the chart are absolutely horrible. If you want to discuss further go to astrologyweekly.com forum as they have a sub forum for just celebs.

If you are asking about the character in a movie — couldn’t give a damn.

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which house suggest about life partner in astrological birth-chart?
what astrological sign and house represent my boyfriend or husband? How can I know they are same or not in astrological birth chart? If there are any aspect astrology, can u explain me? My venus is scorpio in 7th house, uranus in scorpio in 7th house and sun in sagittarius in 7th house. My mars is leo in 4th house. What does it mean?Can anyone explain me?

Answer by @dam
SEVENTH HOUSE REPRESENTS LIFE PARTNER. Lord of Ascendant in Seventh does not give good results. However ur husband or boyfriend will be introduced by your girlfriend which will grow into a relationship.

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