What astrological signs associate with certain musical instruments?

What astrological signs associate with certain musical instruments?
So, if you could associate a musical instrument with each of the twelve astrological signs, what would you pair up with what?

Please try to do ALL the signs. If you don’t know all the signs, do what you can to the best of your knowledge (it would be great if some one did Aquarius :P).

For instance, I’ve read that Sagittarius associates with Guitar somewhere.

This doesn’t have to be something you’ve read, pull this from your mind and imagination. Form your own opinions on the matter and explain why you feel that way.

Thanks and have fun with the question!

Answer by Milmom
Nice Questions. Since it’s purely subjective, I’m just going to pull on my 30 years of chart making and astro stuff to answer this.

Aquarius: Drum (they march to a different beat)
Pisces: Harp. (mystical)
Aires: A trumpet (I have arrived)
Taurus: Saxophone (needed)
Gemini: Guitar (fingers don’t move together)
Cancer: Flute (peace for goodness sakes)
Leo: snare drum (wild and crazy)
Virgo: Violin
LIbra: Piano
Scorpio: organ (think about it)
Saggittarius: clarinet
Capricorn: Oboe..

Answer by veerabhadrasarma m
it is not direct answer..
the object of using perhaps for playing Swaras.
on it .
Astrology is based on the mathematic calculations which is considered as one of the most ancient field where as Music is based on the sounds and rhythms.

Where & How do astrology and music link ?
The Answer lies in the fact that they both have “healing effects”. In medical astrology,by strengthing the weak planet, one can able to heal the problem.Similarly, in music field, certain ragas has the healing effects.


In astrology there are twelve zodiac signs similar to twelve swaras (notes) in Carnatic music. The sun and the moon are the most important planets among all in astrology while the two swaras Shadja and Panchama are important in music.

Similarly, the remaining ten swaras are classified in five groups of two each. These swaras are identified with zodiac signs by what is known as the Savya – Apasavya method.

The findings are as follows:
Kanya Rasi (Virgo) – Suddha Rishabha
Tula (Libra) – Chatusruti Rishabha
Vrischika (Scorpio) – Sadharana Gandhara
Dhanus (Sagittarius) – Antara Gandhara
Mithuna (Gemini) – Kakali Nishada
Vrishaba (Taurus) – Kaisika Nishada
Mesha (Aries) – Chatusruti Daivata
Meena (Pisces) – Suddha Daivata
Makara (Capricorn) – Suddha
Kumbha (Aquarius) – Suddha

Kuja (Mars) Sadharana Gandhara,
Chatusruti Daivata
Budha (Mercury) Suddha Rishabha,
Kakali Nishada
Guru (Jupiter) Antara Gandhara,
Suddha Daivata
Sukra (Venus) Chatusruti Rishabha,
Kaisika Nishada
Sani (Saturn) Suddha Madhyama and
Prati Madhyama

if it is use ful m glad.
learned friend already mentioned .hence to enchant i added.

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Which astrological sign do you like the best?
Whats your favorite astrological sign?

Answer by [:
I can’t say I have a “favourite”, but I am an Aquarius :) I suppose most people would choose their own astrological sign.

Answer by Me……

I’m a libra xD

Answer by Jennifer
gemini & pisces.

i’m sagittarius

Answer by Roxa

Answer by Brianna
I’d have to say scorpio ( though, I might just be saying that because I’m a scorpio. ) because they’re so intense and “Irresistible.”
I also like aquarius because they’re unpredictable and fun.

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