What does it mean to have oppositions in your chart?

What does it mean to have oppositions in your chart?
If a person has a lot of oppositions like the Sun, Mars, Venus, to outer planets, what can it mean?

Answer by MS. PENNY LANE
An opposition occurs between planets exactly across from each other on the Chart wheel. The exact opposition would be planets at 180 degrees apart. But planets in opposition within close orb will have that energetic tension.

The opposition is considered a negative or stressful aspect, since it’s a challenge of two opposing forces. But sometimes, like with any tense stand-off, opposing planets draw out the cumulative strengths, and have an anchoring effect.

More often than not, however, an opposition is a poster child for conflict resolution. This Aspect, as its name would indicate, presents opposing forces. Mars’ energy may find itself at war with Venus’ golden glow, for example. The key here is for the individual to see the conflict, the challenge at hand, and to find a way to act upon it. For that reason, many people prefer to view an opposition with an eye to the opportunities it can bring. With a heightened awareness of conflict, we can take the steps necessary to achieve balance and harmony.

The key to conquering an opposition is to bridge the great divide. The opposing energies are far apart only until we have brought them together

Answer by Sting
When planets are opposed there’s a balancing act and a push-pull process which can be complementary or antagonistic. Energy may be projected on to people or situations. Certainly there’s a need to evaluate and reflect. Controversy and contradiction are possible. There may be a choice to fight or leave. Perhaps it’s a game of give and take. To avoid struggle and stalemate, compromise may be necessary. An opposition can signal time to change sides or reclaim power. An opposition resonates with Earth, Fixed and Taurus energy.

Answer by Nova2289
First, the term opposition refers to a 180 degree angle between two signs in the astrological wheel. For instance,Virgo ( 6th house sign, ruler of Mercury ), and Pisces ( 12th house sign, ruler of Neptune ), then, looking at the planets Mercury and Neptune, having an opposition between all mental processes and the imagination and dreams and the subconsciousness, in result = an incredible effort is required to say focus on “not” day dreaming when trying to accomplish mental processes. Another interpretation of this exchange is if you could imagine two magnets being pulled in exactly two opposite directions ie., North and South poles. Therefore the exchange of energies from an opposition are the most extreme of the other exchanges of degrees. It is said that either you you act or don’t, but no matter what, you makedecisionion of action either by choice, or circumstance. Now lets say it is your moon ( emotions – ruler: Caner ) opposition jupiter ( Expansion – ruler: Sagittarius), the signs of opposition being Scorpio moon and Taurus Jupiter. The individual Individually pressure to expand emotionally, either outer-sourcesbecause of intense fluctuations in emotional expression while being “pressured” to give generously. Or inner. Either way or for what ever reason, though oppositions are considered “big and bad” they are considered to be actually one of the best motivating influences to have, because oppositions essentially moves the native to act, no matter what, with very incredible results. One of the keys to this influences is to stay balanced, especially if you have many planets in one sign opposition just one sign in one or two planets. Consider this is influence essential to successful though you have to make much effort past the challenge, but challenges only makes you stronger correct? Try to stay balanced. the outer planets = spiritual, ritual,transformation, restriction, opp. personal fast moving planets, has much more of an effect on the native, intensifying the energies of the opposition, making it truely significant. Hope I helped in some way. If you want more info, go to Astrodienst.com, best to you peace out questioning like minded student of the energies of the universe.

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Chart 4 out of 7.
when does one NOT identify with most areas of their astrological chart?
Please list a few reasons that could cause this:

Answer by moderatorlinkfromgaiaisgay
Charts dont seem to be very accurate as far as ive seen

For example: My Venus description is WAY off.

Answer by Sparrowbird
1. They are not taking into account the whole chart as an entire system
2. Their birth time is wrong
3. They aren’t ready to admit certain things about themselves
4. They have a rather ‘light’ chart and their experiences around them have shaped them a lot
5. They have a chart that is highly influenced by other people and their friends/family has shaped them a lot
6. They have a chart that is highly changeable and they don’t feel that any one thing describes them, or they don’t like being pinned down
7. They have accumulated a lot of biases and can’t see past them
8. They are too young or immature to yet understand the depth of their own/others’ personalities
9. They have read different interpretations of different aspects that were over-simplified or just plain wrong
10. They aren’t familiar enough with the symbology behind astrology to really come to relevant conclusions about their chart
11. Some aspect of their chart is highly prominent and ‘outweighs’ the other parts of their chart, and so they don’t feel the less-aspected areas as much
12. Some would suggest the fact that astrology isn’t real as another reason, but I don’t think so


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