What is the best site for horoscope reading?

What is the best site for horoscope reading?
I would like to know a very good site where I can read my horoscope.

Answer by Dreamer
everyone picks yahoo horoscope.

Answer by MJ
Yahoo horoscope is decent, but I like astrology.com better. You can get some pretty in depth horoscopes there :)

Answer by jbvd1234
Maybe you should try the true horoscope, based on 13 constellations instead of 12.

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How do you share your Daily Horoscope (Comitic) with Facebook?
I have a iPod Touch and have this application on it, but how do i share my horoscope reading with facebook? There is a option above the reading on the right that says “Share” but when I click on it, it will only give me the option to share it by mail. Do I have to enter my facebook address for it to share it there?

Answer by M Bin
“Hi, it is currently impossible, but it will be with the next version which is on its way. We have submitted it for the Apple’s review about a week ago, so in a week or so, it should hit the iTunes.”


Answer by Daniel Topoliansky
The version that has Facebook sharing (also Chinese horoscope) is now available on Apple Store. Update your application and you will see the Facebook sharing in “Share” menu.

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