What is the Zodiac sign for January 20th?

What is the Zodiac sign for January 20th?
I hear conflicting things from various websites, some say it’s Capricorn, other say Aquarius and some claim both (the cusp).

I’d like to know what the Zodiac sign is for January 20th, 1989. I’d really appreciate someone officially telling me my astrological sign. Thanks. :)
if it’s important, time of birth… about midnight.

Answer by ileanna
aquarius, just like meeeee.

Answer by Amy-Chan
You are an Aquarious, but if you were born after 2009 (the change of the axis) then you’d be a Capricorn. :)

Answer by Cherry Pie
my grandma’s the same date as your birthday

Answer by Sky♎Lark
I’d say both (cusp). Now, while some would say you’re either one or the other, it’s really up to you to identify with either sign. You may find that you have more traits from Aquarius and so would identify as an Aquarius. Likewise if you see yourself as a Capricorn. Learn more about either sign and figure it out. If you want a full chart here’s a good website for that:


Answer by Sorafanforever
Ummm, you are on the cusp, and according to year it can alter.

Go to www.astrodienst.com. Go to Free Horoscope section. Click which one you want. Then type in your name, date of birth, ect. Your chart should come up. Then you’ll know.

And do not go by the new Astrology if you live in America. In America we don’t go by constellations we go by climate. That Astrology on the news is Sidereal. We use Tropical which only has TWELVE zodiac signs.

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What signs have the least attractive ladies?
The leeast attractive lookngs signs I meant.? What are they and would you say why to taht?

Whats your astrological sign and what would be your sex?
lol sags have n ice legs but im not a sag just saying. astrological wise though

Answer by Ashley L
Every sign has hot and not hot people. Sorry not to be specific! (Aquarians however, like myself are known for long legs).

Answer by Mia1

Answer by Get out.
All the Taurus women I know are not so attractive. (great personalities though)

Sagittarius girl.

Answer by orionscion88
I’m a Taurus… I consider myself attractive- but if not, I doubt it’s a horoscope thing, some people just don’t like Asians lol

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  1. chloe says

    You’re an Aquarius. You are an Aquarius after January 19th. I forget which date Aquarius ends at.

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