What zodiac signs produces the most attractive girls/women?

What zodiac signs produces the most attractive girls/women?
From your perspectives. State your zodiac sign enjoy!

Answer by H
There isn’t one.

See the attractive woman…not her sign.

Answer by Solar Sagittarius
every sign! 😮

Answer by Jeanette
do not compare -.-

Answer by B M
Leos – Born for Stage

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What is the worst and best zodiac sign to you?
I am a Scorpio and I obviously like mine the best because I understand my passionate thoughts and feelings that nobody else would ever know about so that is MY favorite zodiac. Include your least favorite zodiac sign. Then type in what is your zodiac sign. =}

Answer by Jamie
Best ; Leo & Aquarius .
Worst ; Aries & Saggs

Answer by geri
There are things I like and hate about every sign. Like my brother and my sister are aries and sag and supposedly meant to be the most compatible with me (leo). When we’re getting on we get on like a house on fire but when we’re not I honestly want to murder them. I hateeeeeeeee their faults SO much. My sister is flaky as hell, so unreliable and thinks she knows everything (sag of course), and my brother is too aggressive and doesn’t listen to other peoples opinions. There are characteristics from every sign that piss me off. I definitely like my sign though but I wouldn’t say it was the best. I find Aquarius people to be big mouths and incredibly untrustworthy, Pisces women especially to be malevolent, Capricorn to be boring and too timid, Taurus men especially blow hot and cold and are too bloody controlling, Scorpios spiteful and have bad intentions, Cancers moody, Libra’s are easily offended, Gemini’s are shallow and pretentious. I don’t actually have anything bad to say about Virgos but I only know one so. So yeah every sign has their faults.

Answer by bec
best is aquarius and geminie. those are my signs, geminie is my rising sign.. worst is virgo and capricorn. just because i have had really bad experiences with people of those signs.

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