What zodiac signs would you characterize as “selfish”?

What zodiac signs would you characterize as “selfish”?
Any data collected on selfish people zodiac signs? Which sign is the most selfless?

Answer by Bee Got
Emmmmmmmm,I think…….Aquarius is kinda selfish,please don’t hit me!
I think Pisces and Aries are selfless,I like them.

Answer by Arien
depend on your sun sign to see people
Aquarius and Capricorn find each other selfish and stupid
but i find them both fun

Answer by Bubbles
Every Aquarius I have met have been selfish, so yeah I’d say they were the most selfish.

Answer by White wings
According to me gemini is very selfish. And CANCERIANS r selfless.

Answer by Fábio Semiao
My sign Capricorn

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zodiac signs

Do all people fit with their zodiac sign?
I’m not sure if I believe in zodiac signs…How can everyone be automatically personalized just by the date of their birth? What does that have to do with their personality?

Answer by that one girl
It have to do with so much more then that :)
It’s their date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.
so, as you can see, it’s unique because not a lot of people have the same time and place of birth :p

EDIT: you should get you birthchart done.

is what i use :]

Answer by FanOfU
not very accurately. there is moon & rising sign; the year & time of birth plays a big factor too.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
Some people enjoy the idea that they are programed like a computer. Then think other are. I refuse to be stereotyped based on the calendar.

“Completely illogical, preponderantly impracticable, and moreover – it stinks!”

Edit: No such thing as a skeptical astrologer. Astrologers assume everything about astrology is true. Even when the evidence says no.

Answer by jump on it!
Well think about this: the universe makes everything. You either believe in religion or astrology. You can’t believe in both. Where you are born has a huge impact on who you are. Imagine being born in outer space without gravity. You’re going to have some major problems. People of different races have different personalities. The reason you get your personality from outer space is because there are particles from space that reach Earth to chemically form our brain. Depending on where Earth and all the planets are, the energies are hitting Earth in a certain way to make a person. Have you ever realized that you can just feel people’s energy? Not their mood, but their energy. Ever wonder where that energy comes from? The universe. We’re just a physical manifestation of the energies from the universe. Everything is a chemical reaction, even our skin. Then, if we’re not automatically personalized, I think there would’ve been more peace on Earth because then people would’ve been choosing more similar things. I mean, you don’t choose who you’re going to be. You’re born with what you have. That’s why some people do good things and others do bad things. People never intentionally do something bad, even if it’s murder. It’s the simply the direction their brain was programmed to go in. Because if some people choose to do good things, then all people would choose to do good things. But people don’t choose their personality. They fall victim to it whether it’s to do the right thing or not.

Answer by Miss 6
Its not just about the day of birth. Yes everyone born today would be a Cancer but there is a lot more to it than just sun signs. There are houses, and degrees, and planets and other placements that make up your personality. You would have to get your chart done to see the details.

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  1. Marian says

    There are all kinds of ways to be “selfish”.

    I find it funny that people say Aquarius is selfish. I believe they are getting self-centered and selfish confused. Most people are naturally self-centered, thinking of themselves first, making sure there needs are met. This is perfectly natural and healthy, but most people don’t want to be thought of as self-centered so they pretend/claim not to be. Being selfish is different, it is the opposite of generous. Being selfish means that you don’t share and would rather someone give to you and not offer anything in return, whether it be money, things or time.

    People far to often believe that if you desire to independent (Aquarius) then you must be selfish. I find that people who are overly dependent are truly the selfish ones. Always asking for something and have nothing to offer in return.

    Aquarius is overly honest and will openly admit to being self-centered and are comfortable with putting their needs before others knowing that you can’t help someone else if you also need help yourself. Aquarius is often generous when they can afford to be, giving without asking for anything in return, not even praise, acknowledgment or even a thank you.

    Again, there are all kinds of ways to be selfish and to answer your question here are my opinions on the matter:

    Selfish with Money = Cancer
    Selfish with Things = Libra
    Selfish with Time = Leo
    Selfish with Sex = Virgo

    Selfless with Money = Aquarius
    Selfless with Things = Pieces
    Selfless with Time = Sagittarius
    Selfless with Sex = Capricorn

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  2. Pam says

    Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio

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  3. Isabel Rocks1 says

    Aquarius they are soooo Selfish!!! Sad to watch! :/

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  4. rjk says

    I don’t believe in astrology as “This is their sign, this is how they act”
    but “this is their sign, this can explain why this person feels like this when this happens”. Note the free will in the second sentence.
    I actually have no clue why astrology is the way it is, but i know this; something that can explain my personality so well without ever even meeting me, has to be right somewhere.
    I had someone explain it to me as “The moon moves the tides, and humans are 70 percent water, so the planets move us”
    I am not trying to force you to believe in astrology, but do this; look up your natal chart (not just your sun sign), and read what it has to say. I personally think that a skeptical astrologer is better than one who blindly believes.

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