When will i get married as per my horoscope?

When will i get married as per my horoscope?
I would like to know when I get married based on my horoscope. I was born on Nov 3rd 1986 11:20am. I am a christian gal.

Answer by Semtex
As with religion, astrology is meaningless nonsense which means that it’s impossible to predict things this way.

Answer by SaggiMC
its upto YOU to create and post a natal chart NOT us here!

Modern western tropical astrology cannot give 100% guarantees, niether can llife and I think you have unreallistic expectations of what astrology is used for let alone can do ..

Misconceptions about what astrology can do
perhaps this thread will help you understand a little more

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what is the best horoscope or astrology out there?
I have been searching for an uplifting and honest horoscope, any suggestions?

Answer by Free Love
The funniest horoscope I have seen thus far is psychic slut – They are spot on & entertaining www.psychicslut.com

Answer by Red

I think this site is the best for horoscopes because it takes into account your full chart. You can also get a free chart and find out all your signs if you haven’t already done that.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
The absolute best are the weekly “scopes from The Onion. Here are some:

Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19
You may not have a lot of money, but you still believe yourself to be rich in many ways. This isn’t surprising considering the cost of a proper education these days.

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20
The lion shall lay down with the lamb this week, before looking around, realizing no savior has in fact returned, and ripping out the poor, unsuspecting animal’s throat.

Gemini May 21 – Jun 21
The difference between life and death can come down to a few precious minutes, or in your case, the time it takes for the EMTs to finally stop laughing.

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 22
You’ll have a terrifying out-of-body experience this week, followed by an even more horrifying back-inside-your-body experience this week.

Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22
It takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak candidly in front of a large group of people. Especially when those people are just there to watch KISS.

Answer by jbvd1234
Maybe you shouldn’t follow the traditional horoscope of 12 signs since it’s possibly not correct and accurate.

Answer by Jessie
All those are good that are mentioned. I would say to look up Vedic Astrology online and see what you like. Some are easier to understand than others, but Vedic is the best of the best.

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