Where’s the best place online to find accurate horoscopes?

Where’s the best place online to find accurate horoscopes?
Actual horosopes. Not the ones that are made by computer nerds that give you the same horoscope everyday. Any places offline are good too.

Answer by Matthew P
Go to Astrodienst (astro.com). After entering your birth data, you can look up some information about your natal chart for free and view a free daily personalized horoscope as well as a longer-term forecast. There are also features that go into greater depth available for a fee as well.

Answer by Tabitha Mars
I go to Cafe Astrology. They actually post horoscopes that have to do with the daily planetary alignments. They also have loads of other helpful information, including monthly and yearly horoscopes.

Answer by Lisa
astro.com – personalized
cafeastro.com – very detailed

Answer by im a cancer

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How to get jokes and horoscopes sent to my phone daily?
I want jokes and my horoscope sent to my phone daily but i don’t no the websites to go to to get them…..HELP…

Answer by Radha M
try registering in sites,..jokes sent to inbox is more frequent…

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