Which zodiac sign is more likely to survive the immanent zombie apocalypse?

Which zodiac sign is more likely to survive the immanent zombie apocalypse?
BQ: Which zodiac sign is more likely to be the zombies?

Answer by Da toothless 1
A zombie apocalypse is not inevitable….. You’ve been watching too many scifi films… I’d assume scorpios 😀

Answer by ƑƛƬƛԼ ƊƦЄƛMƧ
scorpio and aries would make the best duo for zombie survival they would be unstoppable

Answer by kona

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The Late Moorish Scholar C. Freeman-El Teaching on the Metaphysical Break Down of the Bible & the Zodiac. RIP My Elder.
What is the most helpful zodiac sign and whats your zodiac sign?
I believe the most helpful zodiac sign is Virgo because they would pick you up and dust you off without any strings attached. They also don’t care for fame and they don’t expect anything anything in return. Virgo’s are definitely better leaders than other signs. I am a Capricorn.

Answer by Chris Q.T.
i vote for Virgo’s too

edit: i’m a Libra male & have loved a Virgo gal

Answer by AmBeautiful
My bff is a virgo, so I second the nomination for Virgo.

I am a female scorpio

Answer by Cerchi Guida
I would agree and say Virgo. They are very helpful….I know some Leos and Cancers who are much the same way as well.

Answer by Jassyxox
i have had so much helpful people in my Life
Thank God for that

heres their scopes

Aqua-damn this person is literally an angel from heaven
Cancer-Always has an open hand
Gemini-Big A$ $ HEART
Scorpio -Understanding

Answer by ♥Perpetual Dreamer♥
Cancers in my opinion. They will bend over backwards to help out someone they love.

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  1. Miss Q says

    Speaking from experience i would say…..Cancers ( I’m one lol and I absolutely love helping people, especially those I love I would do anything for ), Virgos ( biased again as my best friend is one ), I also think Saggies and Gem’s AND as much as I’ve had run ins with Cappys, they’ve also helped me out and been a good friend!

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  2. uli says

    id say cancers they will do anything they can to help out a loved one, they are soooo caring, and will never do anything to hurt you. that is the reason why they tend to get disappointed very easily they give their all without asking anything in return. Id say virgo is very helpful too, they always wanna make you feel special, they are extremely caring as well. No matter what happens they will always be there to help.
    My personal opinion.

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