Which zodiac sign is the most intelligent?

Which zodiac sign is the most intelligent?
Rank the zodiac signs from most to least intelligent. 1-12.

Answer by lala
Your intelligence has nothing to do with sun sign

I would say mercury with very good aspect will give you a good intelligence

Answer by She_Devil
Intellect and personality are two different things.

Answer by Anonymous
1. the first most intelligent is definitely the gemini. they’re curious and they seek the truth. they can tell when something’s a lie. they’re cunning and imaginative.

2. the second is aquarius. it’s less of scientific thinking and more of thinking outside the box. they’re good problem solvers and very resourceful.

3. capricorn is the third most intelligent. the reason is is that capricorns are realists, and they’re very goal-oriented and reasonable. it’s a different kind of intelligence.

the next few i’m just going to list:
4.pisces – thoughtful
5. scorpio – intuitive
6. taurus – hardworking
7. saggitarius – verbal and social intelligence
8. virgo – common sense
9. libra – diplomatic
10. aries – can make quick decisions
11. leo – very people smart

12. the reason i chose cancer for 12 is because they’re more loving and nurturing, and care more about others than theirselves. this isn’t unintelligent at all, but i’d think someone who gives so much of their time to others would spend a bit less time thinking.

Answer by ThePersephonies
Gosh, people tend to confuse INTELLIGENCE with INTELLECTUALITY.

Mercury is the planet of LOWER INTELLECT while Jupiter is the planet of HIGHER INTELLIGENCE.
See the difference?

There isn’t such thing as ‘the most intelligent sign’ but if there was it would be Sagittarius, since they are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of Higher Intelligence.

People with Sagittarius in Mercury are highly intelligent. It’s a really good placement.

Answer by intrepid sagittarian
its sagittarius…

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zodiac signs

When attempting to date a Sagittarius, understand that these are the action-oriented people of the zodiac who like a fast pace and physical activity. Discove…
Do you agree or disagree on this compatibility for Leo Zodiac sign?
According to the ELEMENTS and QUALITIES of all zodiac signs, from most compatible to less for a Leo are:
1 Aries
2 Sagittarius
3 Libra
4 Gemini
Do you agree? If not, what is the correct order then?

Answer by John
Aren’t there more signs? And I’m a Leo, so sure.

Answer by ♀Serenity
I don’t agree simply because you cannot base compatibility on Sun sign alone. You have to look at the complete charts of both people; particularly Venus, Moon, Mars and the Descendant. A lot of Astrology books try to base compatibility simply by element and sign but that’s not accurate.

I am a Leo and I am not compatible with Aries, Sagittarius or Libra guys at all. I am compatible with Gemini men :) I am married to a Capricorn and I have found that I have more in common with the Earth signs than anyone else. I have a lot of Earth and Air in my chart; I think that’s why there’s more of a connection there.

Answer by Ethereal
I disagree. My own experience would be:
1. Aquarius
2. Gemini
3. Leo
4. Aries.

Answer by BB has a TD-Stalker!
1. Aquarius (i think most of us would agree)
2. Sagittarius
3. Aries
4. Gemini or Libra

That is just out of personal exp. but number 1 should definitely be AQUARIUS, our opposite sign.

What do you think? Answer below!

zodiac signs

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  1. Arián says

    Fire signs : intuitive intelligence
    Air signs : analytical intelligence.
    Earth signs : practical intelligence.
    Water signs : perceptive intelligence.

    I guess it depends on the mercury sign. But I’ve read that the most intelligent are born in Gemini,Capricorn,Aquarius & Scorpio

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  2. Aschatria Xyana says

    No connection at all. I knew people who has all those great aspects and still their IQ is as low as a room temperature.

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  3. Salina ♍ says

    Virgo is the most intelligent sign. look it up.. i’ve met a lot of Sagittarians & god they are so dumb! if their supposed to be clever why aren’t they??

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