Which Zodiac sign loves to smell of perfume and smell of flavour body lotion?

Which Zodiac sign loves to smell of perfume and smell of flavour body lotion?
They like Luxery, bit of sexy, and love. what zodiac sign is it?

Answer by Interpol
I like the smell of White Musk, Vanilla, Coconut, and etc. I like perfumes too, but natural scents do it much better for me.

Answer by Colbi
Scorpio. being a water sign they like liquid things like bubble baths or perfumes.

Answer by Amaterasu Chi
Scorpio,most definitely.

Answer by Ava
Cancer. Cancer females love to smell feminine & Cancer men love their partners to smell like that too.

Answer by Debbie
Libra for sure!!

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What zodiac sign team will win in assassination war?
What zodiac sign team will win in assassination war?
I am talking about who would win in a war with guns and weapons. Which team is most likely to win?
Team red:


Team Black:

also tell the reason

Answer by Aly
Team Black, Duh! Because they have the Scorpio! The most powerful of the astrological symbols.

Answer by VirgosAP
That’s not fair! Team Black has Capricorn and Scorpio very ruthless signs. It appears that I’m separated from my Earth element and Leo is separated from the Fire element and Pisces is separated from the water element and Libra is separated from the Air element.

Now lets see. Team Black has More Passion which is Scorpio,Leo, Pisces, Capricorn (Ambitious) and Taurus who is a good stable guardian.

But we have Team Red, Gemini and Virgo the Intelligent and master minds of the zodiac, they should know every weak spot imaginable from Team Black, and Aries and Sagittarius will take charge and get rid of them. Cancer and Aquarius will be our priest/Clerics for healing just in case if we get poisoned by Scorpio. Libra may charm Cancer, but Gemini will talk er out of it.

I think Team Red wins this one, But it is a very close match. Scorpio and Capricorn are the back Bone for that team.

Answer by Patriotic crab
Well, this would be quite a battle and not one that either side would win easily. Casualties would be high on both sides. It is pretty well evenly matched so I’m just going with my intuition here: Team Black.

Answer by Alysson
Team Black. Scorpio and Capricorn are powerful signs, and Leo has confidence.

Team Red has Aries, which gives them strong leadership, and Aquarius, which is more assertive, but the rest of the team is overall more loving and less dominant.

Black wins, but it wasn’t much of a fair fight.

Answer by Been There
This is not how astrology is used. The information provided is useless because it has nothing to do with how astrologers determine a “winner”.

In order to determine the winner in a competition, an Event Chart is done for the start of the competition, and evaluation in terms of “our team” (the 1st house) vs. “their team” (the 7th house). The entire chart is looked at to determine which side is “better-favored”. Some astrologers just prefer to look at the 5th house in an Event Chart, or use a combination of both techniques.

Or one can do a Horary Chart on the question, But with a horary, the question of the “birthtime” for the question is a tricky issue (wrong birthtime = wrong answer). The general solution is to treat the beginning of the competition as the “birth time” in which case you are defaulting back to an Event Chart.

There are some astrologers who do up birthcharts for the time/date/location of the “birth” (formal creation) of each teams, then look at Transits and other forecasting techniques to see which team is better favored. This approach is more-commonly used when looking at political elections.

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  2. Lovely girl March 23, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    Team Black Leo is there

  3. bacon & cheese March 23, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

    i know this is just for fun but the one who assassinates best is the one with the scorpio

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